29 June, 2015
TM 500



The equipment is developed to lift DRUMS with finished product (powder-granulated material) with the aim to feed the hopper.


  • Loading capacity: 200 kg.
  • Mechanical drum clamping system, formed by perimeter ring with hinge and clamp, manufactured in stainless steel type AISI 304.
  • Central pressurized hydraulic- drum lifting system.
  • Total extension: 2,200 millimeters.
  • Pneumatic actuator system for drum-rotation. Rotation angle: 180º.
  • Mechanical system for Column rotation by means of a hinged handle/lever.
  • Directional valve panel for system control.
  • Front – closing band, with threaded spindle, in order to isolate the interior of the column from the production chamber.
  • Product feeder hopper suitable to couple with drum in order to direct the product to the tablet press hopper. It is formed by container screw joint and shut-off-valve.
  • Flat cover to facilitate the tablet press’ hopper closure and coupling with feeder hopper. The seal takes place by means of a solid rag joint made of PURE
  • SILICONE achieving a mechanical seal during the positioning of the discharge hopper without the need to make connections manually.
  • The joint will allow the entry of the hopper’s discharge achieving tightness during the discharge.

    • Safety lifting system, by means of a hydraulic lock (during operation).
    • Mechanical safety locks, whilst in discharge positioning.
    • Safety sensors, to ensure correct closure of the container clamping system.
    • Movement and positioning control through strategically-located sensors to avoid any incorrect operations.
    • Support base for the container.
    • Additional level sensor prepared to be installed in the cover of the hopper of the tablet press. Such sensor shall control the opening and closure of the valve; this allows keeping the product’s level inside the hopper.


    • The machine has an electrical cabinet attached, made of stainless steel type AISI 304.
    • All electric, electronic and pneumatic components are contained in a seal cabinet pursuant to IEC requirements and international standards.
    • Push button operation.
    • Emergency push-button with retention to be located in the panel’s front cover.
    • Rotary power switch.
    • Indicator lights.
    • Microprocessor to control both operations and product in the hopper’s tablet press.

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