24 November, 2014
29 June, 2015

K Developer

Rotary Tablet Press



The Kompressor Developer BI-LAYER offers an innovative technology within reduced areas. It is a small but strong equipment (due to its dimensions) designed to develop high value added pharmaceutical tablets in an easy, fast and efficient manner. It is manufactured according to GMP guidelines.
There are two charge stations available, the equipment can work double or single-layer products.

Thanks to the FLEX LOAD system, the product loss has been reduced at its narrowest during development process, the system has cams of different charge and the available charge segments according to the tablet’s dimension.
The product charge offers a big and wide feeder to achieve optimal die feeding; it can be done by gravity or by a forced feed system. In the second case there are a great variety of stars of different formats, all interchangeable, facilitating the work according to the product’s flow and behavior. In order to avoid the solidification of the product, it is possible to use internal deflectors.


  • Industrial Pc with ups, Windows operative system
  • Teleservice modem
  • Wireless operation for equipment’s remote control
  • Fast and easy development monitoring
  • Online guide for panel operation
  • Punch to punch graphical representation during compression process
  • Pre-compression, compression and ejection graphics
  • Multi-language software
  • Main transmission powered by a servomotor
  • Possibility to compress at the maximum strength using minimum speed
  • Automatic positioning punch to punch
  • Possibility of turning the turret-head manually through the wheel
  • Accuracy in the graph of the curves through encoder in the angle
  • The equipment’s technical features are similar to those of high-production equipments allowing a safe scale up. It is prepared to work with tooling according to EU or TSM guidelines at request of the client.
    The lower enclosures are manufactured in stainless steel and the upper doors in polycarbonate with seals to isolate the compression chamber. Safety as regards interconnected doors in compliance with CE guidelines.

    The possibility of interchanging the punch-carrying turret-head allows equipment’s easy cleaning as well as the possibility to have B or D formats in the same equipment. Dosing is servomotorised and is regulated from the touch screen, like compression 1 and 2, respectively. The equipment has the “sampling” option to control de weight of each layer separately.
    The installed power of the main motor is of 7,5 KW, coupled directly with the main shaft.
    The software and hardware comply with CFR 21 part 11 guidelines. Its modern pc industrial system, with a 12`` touch screen guarantees a bright and clear visualization of all the evaluation and development statistics graphics. Allows viewing the forces of each of the punches during compression, pre-compression and ejection; obtaining the dimensions of each of them and ploting them according to the elected filters, by users levels.

    Check the list of alarms, modify the turret head and feeder’s speed control from the screen, it also has the weight control by force.


    Unidades D BB BB
    Number of Stations 10 12 14
    Max. pre-compression Force Kn. 40 40 40
    Max. compression Force Kn. 60 60 60
    Max. Tablet Diameter mm. 25 16 13
    Max. depth of fill mm. 19 19 19
    Max. Production Tabletas/Hora 36.000 43.200 50.400
    Approximate Weight kg. 950 950 950


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